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It’s been quite a week for Morris! Being a member of the Channahon Fire Department, I heard the emergency call for us to assist Morris in an industrial structure fire. I don’t have access to the Morris Fire Departments radio feed so I did what you probably did… watched the news and WCSJ’s Facebook page for updates. Once the evacuation process began; I contacted our members in that area to see if they needed assistance. I found that several of you had beat me to the punch and offered to take them into your homes! That’s what I love about Peace! We are a very welcoming congregation. A place that makes people feel “at home.” I believe that’s exactly what Jesus did…he extended a welcome everywhere he went to ALL people.
Speaking of being welcoming, Grace Lutheran in Wilmington has a new Vicar/Intern named Terry Kilens. If you worshipped with us last Sunday, I introduced him during the service. He has spent the last two weeks here at Peace with me filling his brain with everything I can think of as his supervisor. He will join us again for worship this Sunday as Assisting Minister then go full time at Grace on Tuesday. Thank you so much for partnering with me in this amazing project. Because of finances, Grace is unable to afford a full-time pastor, so they have decided to become a “teaching parish” and have a full-time vicar/intern each year supervised by someone like me who is close by. That is a pretty courageous decision and Grace should be commended for their faith and trust in God for the future of their congregation.
So, you may hear about Vicar Terry over the next 9 months. He and I will be getting together every couple weeks. If you see him, do the thing you do so well Peace, and make him feel welcome!
See you Sunday!
Pastor Lu