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Your pastor goofed…I’m sorry! Until it was right on top of me, I hadn’t realized school had started for most of you. Normally, we have a blessing of the backpacks, briefcases, and tote bags at the beginning of the school year the Sunday before you go back in session. Well, since this year is quite a bit different...just like everything else lately, we’ll have to adapt what we do.

We have many students in our congregation from pre-school through college as well as several teachers. Plus, some of you parents and grandparents will be stepping in to assist with online learning at least for now. So, I’d like to offer this prayer for all of you and encourage you to share it with your children as well:

Good and gracious God, I bring before you these students, teachers, and staff as they begin a new school year. I ask you to give them strength, courage, patience, and understanding as they navigate unchartered territory in education. I ask for you to bless them in their study and help them not just to survive this school year, but to thrive and grow. Amen.

“See” you Sunday!

Pastor Lu