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We have an exciting announcement! The Worship Task Force at Peace has made it possible to have drive-through Communion! Beginning Sunday, August 2nd you and those in your household can come to the north parking lot and receive communion from me. You will enter the parking lot and head down the north aisle and enter under the portico from the east so that the driver’s side of the vehicle is closest to the doors. We will have prepackaged, individual communion kits in Ziploc bags to hand you and the occupants of your car. I will be standing back by the doors and will recite the Words of Institution. Jim will hand you your communion kits with gloved hands and then step back. Please pull through the portico, park in a parking space, and take communion. Both Jim and I will be wearing masks and face shields to protect you and your household. We also will require the driver of the vehicle to wear a mask as well. There will be neon-colored tape arrows in the parking lot to direct you in addition to signs. We will serve communion rain or shine the 1st and 3rd Sunday of August. We will continue doing communion during the online worship for those of you who prefer to stay home. We hope this will enhance your worship experience during these trying and uncertain times. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know by calling the office at 815-942-1010 or my cell phone at 815-260-7546.
A reminder that I am on vacation this week so please tune in to the Peace Facebook page and join worship with the staff of the Northern Illinois Synod. They have recorded an entire worship service to be used when a pastor needs a Sunday off.
So, I won’t “see” you Sunday!