Tuesday was Halloween and it was also the actual date of the beginning of the Reformation when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in 1517. Yesterday was another important day that we don’t recognize as easily. It was All Saints Day or All Souls Day. This is the day we remember and give thanks for all those who have died in the faith before us.

At Peace we have a tradition of handing out single white roses in memory of those who have died in the past year. This will take place this Sunday, November 5th during worship. This year there will be six roses on the altar. Some of the names might not seem very familiar so I thought I would give you a rundown on how they are connected to Peace. I did a funeral or committal service for each one.

First is Becky Peterson who is Eric Peterson’s stepmother. You may also remember we had a funeral for his stepbrother last year. Becky’s husband Greg will be out of town this Sunday so Eric will be accepting the rose on Becky’s behalf.

Next is Deidre Kelly who is my infant daughter who passed away 36 years ago. My good friend Matt Baskerville helped me track down her remains after all these years and in January we held a committal service at her grave and placed a headstone there.

Then is a name you will recognize… Judith Kellam who is David’s mother. She attended worship many times here at Peace. David will be accepting the rose on Judith’s behalf.

Another name you may recognize is Duane Heren. He was one of the founding members of this congregation. He still had ties here and worshipped with us occasionally. His daughter Chris Atkins will be accepting the rose in his honor.

Next is Julia Saenz who was a member of this congregation. You may also know her as Claudia Wolf’s mom. Claudia will be accepting the rose on her behalf.

Last is David Peterson who was not a member of Peace but is the brother of Barb Fonk and uncle to Eric Peterson. David’s wife Lori will be receiving the rose on his behalf.

This is a moving and beautiful part of our All Saints worship. Please join us and give thanks for these amazing people who touched our lives in so many ways.

See you Sunday!