Well, here we are just a couple days before the big event! No, I’m not talking about Santa…I’m talking about the birth of Jesus! The last four weeks we have been doing a lot of preparation for Christmas. Buying and wrapping gifts, baking, decorating, planning, and visiting friends and family. Here at Peace we have been doing a lot of preparing as well. These past four weeks of Advent we have focused on the hymn, “He Came Down.” He came down that we may have love, hope, peace, and joy! We talked about what each one of those words meant and how Jesus brings them to us in way we never imagined.

Our culture builds this time of year up as all jolly and bright. But for many people that’s just not true. I was watching the news the other night and saw they were erecting tents in some of the parks in Chicago for the homeless with the cold weather expected. At the church office we have received several calls this week from people asking for assistance. Our micro pantry has been seeing a lot of activity too. Plus, there are people who have recently lost a loved one or may be ill themselves. So, jolly and bright? Maybe not for everyone.

But Christ came down for that very reason. To walk on this earth through the good and the bad…right beside us. We are never alone! So as you go about celebrating this weekend, be sure to take time out to celebrate what started it all…the birth of Christ. And, be thankful that he came down to bring us love, hope, peace, and joy like no other!

See you Saturday at 7:00 pm for our traditional candlelight communion service or Sunday at 9:00 am for a very laid back, casual Christmas carol filled service!