From our recent meetings as a congregation, we have determined a need to “recreate” Peace Lutheran Church so to speak. One of our goals is to get out into the community even more. Since the pandemic, we haven’t been able to do all the things we used to: Hosting PADS two nights a week, do food delivery for the hospital, and hosting community events. As things continue to open, more opportunities should come up we can take part in. But what can we do right now?

Well, this Saturday, March 12th,  we have an opportunity to let the community know who Peace Lutheran is! We will be participating in the inaugural Morris St. Patrick’s Day parade! The Rossi family had a beautiful vinyl banner made and Jim and I purchased four hundred pieces of candy and decorations for Jim's truck. We even have bouncy shamrock head bands if you’d like to wear one! The Yoga group (Judy Stemen, Lois Kleck, Dee Crowe, Gloria Erickson, Sharon Mikula and Don and Judy Trejo)  attached the candy to cards designed by Sarah Peterson with our information on them to hand out along the way. So, you can see many hands have already been helping to make this a success. 

Here's where you come in. We need people to walk the parade route down Liberty Street. We will meet in the parking lot of UC Davis – Callahan funeral home at 2:15 pm to decorate the truck. The parade steps off at 3:00 pm. It’s supposed to be cold but sunny so dress warm. We have a crew cab on our truck so there will be a place to warm up along the way if you need it. What better way to let the community know we’re here then to see your happy, smiling faces? Please consider coming out and joining us. We will have a great time!

See you Sunday!