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As you may remember, I was the offsite supervisor for a seminarian named Kyle from January – September of 2020. Kyle was the intern/vicar at Grace Lutheran in Wilmington where he was licensed by the Northern Illinois Synod to administer the sacraments and do ministry among those people. Since September, Kyle has served as interim pastor there.

Although the members of Grace would prefer to have a full-time pastor of their own, it is not feasible financially. With the shortage of pastors in the ELCA, anything other than a full-time call is usually not attractive to pastors looking for a new congregation to serve. After much prayer, conversation, and discernment Grace has decided to become a teaching parish. What this means is they will have a “vicar” who is finished with seminary classes but needs to do their yearlong internship serve at Grace. Normally an intern serves under a supervising pastor in the same congregation. But this isn’t possible because of finances. So, I have been asked to supervise a new intern/vicar beginning in June. His name is Terry Kilens and like me, he is a second career pastor.

The plan is for him to spend two weeks with me here at Peace the last two weeks of June. His first Sunday at Grace will be July 11th. He will serve them full-time supported by the church council and their internship committee. Terry and I will be meeting on a regular basis as well. I am honored to assist Terry in this final step in his journey toward his call as a Minister of Word and Sacrament. I covet your prayers for my wisdom and guidance as well as Terry as he goes through this process. Terry will be worshipping with us on June 27th and July 4th so you will get a chance to meet him.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Lu