Here we are rounding the corner into the homestretch of Advent! This Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Advent, and our theme will be LOVE. We also will be having a special guest preacher, Rev. Jen Beamsley, assistant to the bishop for the Northern Illinois Synod who will be preaching on our theme.

Love is a very common word… we use it every day. We may say “I love you” as we walk out the door or hang up the phone. We may say, “I loved that movie” or what I had for dinner the night before. But what is love really? When I am counseling couples about to be married, we talk about what love really is. Contrary to popular belief, love isn’t just a feeling. Sure, the warm, fuzzy feeling are great but unfortunately, they don’t last forever. I tell the couple that love is a decision. We CHOOSE to love because sometimes our loved ones aren’t very lovable.

God does the same with us. Because of our sin, not only are we unlovable, we are detestable to God. But, because God wanted a relationship with us, God chose to love us so much God came to earth in order to save us. God chose to die in our place so we could be with God forever. Now, that’s love!

He came down so we could have love… Hallelujah forever more!

See you Sunday!