This Sunday, August 20th is the third Sunday in the month. That’s the day we normally collect “Pennies from Peace” to send to Lutheran World Relief (LWR). Everyone is encouraged to toss their loose change or a few dollars in the buckets outside of the worship space on their way out. It might not seem like much, but it really adds up in a year’s time. Those pennies and dollars are sent all around the world wherever they are needed most.

LWR was started in 1945 with one purpose... helping our neighbors. And it’s not just money that is donated, for many years several of our ladies made quilts every week and they were sent to LWR to be distributed wherever they were needed. In fact, we’ve been trying to honor those hardworking women with our appreciation and a beautiful pin from LWR. The problem is, we can’t get them all together on the same Sunday! So, please join me in thanking Mary Dobbs, Sharon Harrington, and Joyce Wolcott as well as many others who are no longer with us for their hard work over the years!

Another way LWR works is in disasters like hurricanes and floods. In fact, they are on the ground right now in places like Maui where thousands of people have lost their homes. My heart aches for those people who have literally lost everything. So, this month I’d like to invite you to be extra generous in what you put in the “Pennies from Peace” bucket. Might I suggest donating the amount you would spend on lunch or dinner if you went out? Or how about what you would pay to see a movie? If you're feeling extra generous, maybe the amount you put in your gas tank?

If you’d rather not use cash, you can go directly to and donate or write a check to Peace Lutheran and write “LWR" in the memo line. We will forward the total to LWR.

Jesus said the two greatest commandments are to love God and love your neighbor. So, whether it’s making quilts or throwing money in a bucket, it is a tangible way to spread God’s love all around the world!

See you Sunday!