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As you read last week, this week I am doing Continuing Education. So, I thought I’d talk a bit about what that’s all about. Just like other professions, continuing education is a good way to hone your professional skills and be up to date on the latest techniques. Many professions like medical professionals, teachers, and those in the service industry are required by law to have so many hours of continuing ed each year. If they don’t, they will lose their license. Although being a pastor doesn’t require a license, continuing education is strongly recommended. In fact, it’s part of my contract with you as a congregation. I’m given 2 weeks including the Sundays to commit to learning more about being a pastor. Over the years I’ve gone to classes, conventions, and meetings. Some years I’ve opted to be a bit more low key and do some reading and studying on my own. In just the past couple years, the Northern Illinois Synod has started providing continuing education events locally and now online for all the rostered leaders over northern Illinois. This is far less expensive and a much more accessible way to do things!

As you read in my post last week, each year the Festival of Homiletics is held somewhere in the U.S. It’s been in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Orlando, and many other cities. It’s always been a challenge to go because of the cost to the congregation with airfare, lodging, and the cost of the program. But this year because of the pandemic, Luther Seminary decided to offer the festival online for free! I was so excited because we are talking world class preachers and teachers for a weeklong of learning. If you haven’t figured it out by now, preaching is one of my favorite things to do as a pastor and I’m always looking for new ways to preach the Good News!  So, I eagerly signed up for this great opportunity. The problem was, there were so many sermons, classes, and break out sessions, it was impossible to attend them all. So, the seminary gave the option of purchasing the whole festival On Demand Video for $75. I grabbed that offer and now I have a whole extra week worth of videos to digest. Plus, it only costs Peace Lutheran $75 for a whole year’s worth of continuing education when the budget line item is $1,000…gotta love a bargain!

So, pray for me this week as I continue to learn more about preaching, being a pastor, and all that entails.

I’ll “see” you next Sunday!

Pastor Lu