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As you may have seen from my email yesterday, I held a brief time of prayer “live” on Peace’s Facebook Page at 3:00 pm. The reason for the prayer was in response to a protest planned in Chapin park at 4:00 pm for the tragic death of George Floyd and other people of color who have been abused and killed in the past weeks. I did not think it was a good idea to gather in person as often the protest attracts violent people intent on damaging property and looting. It also was not safe from the point of social distancing due to the COVID virus. So, I thought an online "prayer protest" might be an alternate way to address the situation. At first, I thought maybe only a few people would join me because it happened with so little time to promote the event. I was shocked to learn that as of noon today, over 1,756 people have been reached with that prayer and that number continues to grow as people share the post. That my friends is making a difference against racism! I shared this good news with our council via text and our president David Kellam sent me this; “Wow, you should be proud that you are making such a difference in so many people’s lives.” And I countered with; “It’s not me…it’s the Holy Spirit working through me as it does with EVERY beloved child of God!” Church, it is time to make a difference in this world...let's get to work!

“See” you Sunday!

Pastor Lu