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In these days lately it’s hard to find something good. Well, have I got something good to share with you! If you haven’t seen it yet…even if you have…I invite you to follow the link below to our new webpage.

Visit our new website!

Back in June I mentioned that we are “re-branding” Peace Lutheran. And it just so happens that we have a professional in that area. Sarah Peterson has started a new business to help other businesses and organizations find fresh and new ways to let people know what they are all about. We had been paying $40 per month to have our old website hosted. Now we pay a small fee annually for our site to be hosted. Sarah is taking care of updating and maintaining it. Soon, she will teach Betsy and I how to make changes as well so we can keep everyone up to date. It also has a “giving” component that allows you to give once or set up an automatic payment for your contributions . Jim and I are two weeks into the process and is very easy and secure.

On top of all of that, Sarah has created a fresh look using colors and fonts that are inviting and clear. She also created the new logo you see on the page and is now being used in the Peace Pulse, my weekly blog, and even in our online worship services. I even ordered myself some new business cards to complete the transformation. Even though our mission statements remains the same, we have a new tagline: “All are welcome…there is a place for you here!”

So, what does all this mean and why are we doing it? Well, as you may have found out yourself during these past several months, more and more things are now online. We’ve seen that in our online worship. Many more people than just our members are watching our worship each Sunday. That tells me that there is a hunger out there for God. For hope. For something positive in a world that seems so dark and negative.

Make sure you take time to thank Sarah as she has done all of this on a volunteer basis and enjoy the new brand of Peace Lutheran Church!

“See” you Sunday!

Pastor Lu