As you know we are now in the almost in the middle of the Advent season. Each week we have focused on a different theme based on the hymn, “He Came Down.”

Week 1 – Love
Week 2 – Hope
Week 3 – Peace
Week 4 – Joy

I didn’t plan this but think it’s far beyond a coincidence. In our mission statement all four words are used. “We go to share with others God’s saving love through Jesus that all may know the hope of his promises and the joy of his peace.” I also noticed on our advent wreath the four words on the banners are love, hope, joy, and peace! Hmmm… I wonder if God is up to something?!?!

Beginning Sunday, this week’s theme will be peace. The scriptures, songs, and sermon will all focus on that topic. Peace is something very difficult to explain… doesn’t it mean happiness? Quiet? Calmness? No war? Probably all of those! Come join us this Sunday as we find out!

See you Sunday