I’m a person who has a difficult time focusing on one thing at a time. My mind tends to wander a lot! So sometimes prayer is difficult for me. I start praying about something or someone and the next thing you know, I’m thinking about what’s on the grocery list. So, I have found that I have to keep part of my mind focused on something else. My solution… jigsaw puzzles! I put together a jigsaw puzzle on my computer while I'm praying and it's very successful in keeping me focused.

There is something so satisfying about putting a puzzle together. Getting the border done and painstakingly adding each piece until the last one snaps in place. I’ve been thinking about our congregation lately and I think it’s a lot like the pieces of the puzzle. Some of us are the border pieces who have vision and plans for Peace. Some of us are those random pieces that take a bit longer to find their place. But in the end, it’s a beautiful picture.

This Sunday is our Ministry Fair. It is the opportunity for all of our teams to highlight what they do to solve Peace’s puzzle. There is literally something for everyone… property team, worship/music team, stewardship team, Christian education team, and the in reach/outreach team. You will have a wonderful brunch and then get to wander through each display and find out what each team does. I encourage you to take your time and explore the options and then pick one or two places you feel God may be leading you. Church is a community and every single person is important and very much needed to continue to function and grow. Come and see what piece of the puzzle God is calling you to be!

See you Sunday!