By now you have had an opportunity to digest the fact that I am resigning as your pastor. As I said in my letter, we will celebrate my leaving on Sunday, May 12th but I will return on Sunday, May 19 to confirm two of our students on Pentecost. 

The council and I will meet with Assistant to the Bishop, Rev. Jen Beamsley on Tuesday, May 7th for what is called an exit interview. Both the council and I will answer questions regarding my time here as your pastor. After about 45 minutes I will be excused and Pastor Jen will meet with the council to explain the process going forward.

You may wonder why I'm leaving with such short notice, but per the synods constitution, there are 30 days between the resignation and leave taking of a rostered minister.  Something else important to know is that I will be unable to return to Peace for any reason unless I am personally invited by the new leader. Jim and I will be looking for a new congregation to join as well. 

So what am I going to do in the next several weeks? Well, I have to transfer some of the accounts for things like Zoom and our computer back up into the church's name. I also have to make sure all the church records are up to date. That, and packing up my office is going to take a bit for sure! 

In a couple weeks I will share with you in my blog what I'm planning on doing with the Channahon Fire Protection District.

See you Sunday!