Each day when I come to Peace I drive between Channahon and Morris on route 6. Having grown up in northwestern Illinois, I am familiar with crops. So as I drive, I assess how they’re doing. I can tell you right now we were really close to losing a lot because of the drought but the recent rains have saved some of them. Farming is hard!

This Sunday’s lesson from the Gospel of Matthew is the parable of the Sower or farmer and it’s all about crops. A farmer went out and broadcast seeded. That means they just threw it around and where it landed, it landed. Some fell on the path, some on the rocky soil, some among the weeds, and finally some on the good soil. In the passage it describes what happened to the seed and how it applies to our lives as well.

Here's what happened:

  • The seed that was planted on the path just kind of sat there. Then the evil one came and snatched it away.
  • What is sown on the rocky ground hangs in there for a while but because there is no root when trouble comes along it falls away.
  • That which is sown among the weeds endures for a bit but then the cares of the world choke it out and take over.
  • But the seed that is sown on the good soil grows and grows and produces much more.

We sang this song last week which is a perfect way to end this lesson.

Lord, let my heart be good soil,
open to the seed of your word.
Lord, let my heart be good soil,
where love can grow and peace is understood.
When my heart is hard, break the stone away.
When my heart is cold, warm it with the day.
When my heart is lost, lead me on your way.
Lord, let my heart, Lord, let my heart,
Lord, let my heart be good soil.

The point is, we all have the potential to be good soil. We just need to rely on the Farmer to grown strong and produce even more!

See you Sunday!