Today is Maundy Thursday, the beginning of “The Great Three Days” or the “Tridium.” The beginning of the end so to speak… Jesus’ journey to the cross. Last Sunday we celebrated his entry into the Holy City of Jerusalem to the cheers of the people as the “King of the Jews!”

Tonight, is the night known as the beginning of the practice of the Lord’s Supper. Jesus and the disciples were celebrating the Passover…the celebration of the Jewish people being freed from captivity in Egypt. But this time, the meal took a new direction. Jesus talked about how he must suffer and die and that on the third day he would rise again. Then he took the bread and wine from the meal and instituted a new covenant. Not abolishing the old one… just fulfilling it. No more making sacrifices for sin. Jesus himself would become that pure lamb who would be the final sacrifice once for all.

Tomorrow is Good Friday where we remember the passion of our Lord. His death on a cross. He was punished, beaten, and jeered by the crowd. The very people who cheered him as he entered the city would now be the ones crying “Crucify him!” He would die alone on the cross, even feeling abandoned by God, laid in a tomb, and forgotten. The disciples then went to their homes to celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday. But what happens next will have to wait until Sunday morning. Come and join us at Peace as we celebrate!

See you Sunday!