Earlier this week our bishop Stacie Fidlar asked us to share a story where we saw Christ’s love at work in our faith community. One rapidly came to my mind that happened not too long ago.

Back in the days of COVID, we were unable to meet as a faith community at all. Everything was online. As the end of the pandemic was in sight, we slowly and cautiously began to gather with many precautions. But still, there was very little fellowship because we couldn’t be in close proximity to each other. And you have to admit, it’s difficult to have a conversation standing three feet away from someone and talking through a mask!

A group of our ladies decided to get creative and started having coffee in the driveway of each other’s houses after worship. They sat outside in the fresh air spaced apart and yet were able to chat without the need for masks. Even after COVID many of these women continued to meet as long as the weather cooperated.

As you know, Mary Dobbs took her journey to heaven just a week ago today. Mary was a member of the "driveway coffee club" and they met at her house often. As Mary was confined to bed and under hospice care the "driveway coffee club" had a great idea. What if they met in Mary’s driveway on Sunday after worship? Mary obviously couldn’t join them, so her family opened the window from her bedroom which faced the driveway. Each of them was able to speak to Mary through the window, tell her they loved her, and say goodbye. It brings tears to my eyes just imagining that scene. I know it meant a lot to Mary. It meant a lot to those women, and it was a great witness of Christ’s love to her family.

What an amazing story of love and faith. Well done ladies… well done!

See you Sunday!