Thats a very good question! We use that word in our liturgy especially this time of year. We talk about the paschal feast, the paschal lamb, and the large white candle by the font is called the paschal candle. You may remember the story of the Israelites being held captive by Pharoah in Egypt. God sent a man named Moses to negotiate their release. It didnt go very well at first so God sent plague after plague to convince Pharoah to let Gods people go. There were gnats, boils, hail, and all the water turning to blood to name a few. But still Pharoah said, no. So, God told Moses he was sending one more plague. The angel of death would pass through at night and the firstborn of every household would die. But God wanted to protect Gods people, so God instructed Moses to have the people take the blood of a pure lamb and paint it on the door posts of their homes. When the angel of death came by, it would pass over them. Thus, the term paschal.

Paschal not only refers to the passing over of the Israelites but it is the core of what we believe as Christians. The blood of a pure lambJesuswas shed so the angel of death will pass over us too! By Jesus death, burial, and resurrection, we have eternal life! And, as a bonus Christ will return in all his glory! That is the promise we celebrate every Sunday when we share communion.

So, what about that big white candle? It is lit during the entire Easter season. We also light it when there is a baptism to remind us of Gods promise for that person. At a funeral, the paschal candle is front and center to signify the baptismal promise of the person who has died. So, now you know what a paschal iswatch for the large white candle to be lit on Easter morning!

See you Sunday!