When I describe our worship service here at Peace, I say that is traditional but casual and comfortable. It’s traditional in that we follow the pattern set out by our forefathers. I say it’s casual and comfortable because there’s no dress code, stuffiness, or rigidity in what we do. It’s kind of like the feeling you get when you wear your favorite blue jeans… it just feels right.

Believe it or not, Jesus said very little about worship. In fact, when we see Jesus worshipping in the New Testament scriptures, he’s in the synagogue or temple which is a whole other religion! I saw a meme the other day that said Jesus never commanded us to worship… he commanded us to love God and love our neighbor. Now, of course that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t worship. But I’d like to suggest we might rethink how we worship.

Since COVID there are many people who haven’t been back to worship in the building… and that’s okay! If the virus taught us anything, it’s how to look at things in a new way. There are many people who would prefer to worship online… and that’s okay… it really is! In our worship service there is a lot of sitting and standing going on. Some would prefer to stand at certain times in worship…and that’s okay. Some would prefer to sit… and that’s okay! How a person worships is very personal, and we have to care not to judge one another on what they choose.

Let me tell you a story. There was a young bride serving Easter dinner for the first time. Her entire family and her husband’s family were gathered around the table as she brought the traditional ham to the table. It looked and smelled delicious! After a moment, the brides grandmother went to her granddaughter and said, “why are the ends of the ham cut off?” The bride answered, “because that’s the way my mom always did it.” So, grandma asked her daughter the same question. The daughter answered, “because that’s the way you always did it.” The grandmother chuckled and said, “The reason I cut the ends of the ham off were because my pan was too small!” Enough said.

See you Sunday!