As a church we have literally transformed ourselves since the pandemic. There are so many new and fresh things happening! One area that we are making huge progress in is worship. Each week our dedicated team of Eric Peterson, Nick Rossi, and Sarah Rossi have been adding more to what you see on the screen. That means less in the bulletin which will save money and trees! The goal soon is to purchase a new projector as the current one is literally on its last legs. The team would also like to purchase a second projector and another screen to have on the east side of the worship space as well. But that’s for later.

Every other month Sara Hundley, Scott Larson, and I meet to plan worship. We choose music and liturgy based on the assigned scriptures from the lectionary and the season. We would like to keep that process new and fresh as well but still be Lutheran in our worship. So, we will be having a Worship Focus Group next Sunday, April 30th right after worship in the worship space. There we plan to listen to your ideas for what you would like to see in worship. Nothing is off the table! So, grab a cup of coffee and join us next Sunday with your ideas!

See you Sunday!